About Us

About Us

Beautify You. Providing you with high end, brand name makeup for lower prices.

Makeup is My Passion

My name is Lisa and I’m lucky enough to be a stay at home mother of 2. I am also a makeup collector, so I would like to tell myself. Over the years of being a mother I have found my daily life very chaotic and leaving me feeling very overwhelmed. The only time I would find some tranquility in my life is when I take a nice hot shower then have a seat and play with my makeup. Everyone has some sort of obsession to one thing or another, mine just so happens to be makeup. Being obsessed with makeup has it’s ups and downs though. I have never been able to finish more than a few items every 6 months, if that! I’m always shopping for all the new trending products, so I leave all my previously loved products just collecting dust. I decided to start this company in hoping I can eliminate this problem for myself and others.

Why We Do What We Do

Beautify You has been created so that you can feel ecstatic by being able to shop for trending products at a lower price while being able to sell your previously loved products to us with no hassle. You can get a decent price for your products that are just sitting around and now people like us can try high end products for low end pricing, it’s a win win situation.

We Care About Your Health and Happiness

We put a lot of TLC into these products to ensure they’re clean and sanitized, while maintaining the product’s quality. We take your health very seriously and will not put up any products if we do not think they are sanitized and in great condition true to the product.

We want your selling and buying experience to be easy and enjoyable, that’s why customer satisfaction is our number one priority.