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How do I sell my products?

If you have products you no longer want or never ended up using much you can sell them to us all at once rather than in pieces over the internet. We have a process to ensure you don’t waste time packing up products we wouldn’t be able to accept.

We ask you list your products and conditions using the “Product list Form” which we then let you know the products that are approved for sending! We will also send you a packing slip so shipping is free.
Then you ship your products and we will send you an offer within a week of arrival.

Once an offer is accepted we will send you the agreed price.

Please visit our Selling Your Products page for more details or download the Product list Form here.

What if some products don't get accepted?

Our pre-qualifying system using the product list form minimizes this, however it can still happen if a product is in different condition than expected. If we can’t accept a product we will let you know when we make our offer, and you have the option of getting that product sent back to you, but you need to pay for shipping.

Do I get to see how much each item is purchased for?

Yes! We pride ourselves in our transparency and work with you to make sure you’re happy with the transaction.