Selling Your Products

Make Money From Your New or Gently Used Makeup Products

What you can Sell

A few guidelines to ensure all your items are accepted

  1. New or gently used Makeup and makeup application tools
  2. Must be 15 items or more
  3. Items must have at least 80% of product left
  4. All original labels need to be intact

Some Products must be Unused

Liquid lipstick
False eyelashes
Lip gloss

How it Works

  1. Fill out the Product list form and email to us for pre-approval.
    This will allow us to let you know before you send your products if we can accept each product and brand to avoid disappointing situations.
  2. Package your items securely in protective bubble wrap.
    We will not be responsible for receiving damaged products upon arrival. See Packing instructions below.
  3. Print out our shipping label.
    Once your product list is approved we will send you a shipping label for your package.
  4. We will provide you with an offer 3 business days after receiving your package.
    If you decline our offer you will need to pay the shipping for any items returned.
  5. Get paid!
    Make money for your products that were just collecting dust!

Note: We will let you know if and why any products couldn’t be accepted. You can then choose to have them shipped back to you.

How to Pack

  1. Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap.
  2. Line a box just big enough to fit all your items with bubble wrap.
  3. Put all items in box and stuff any extra room with tissue paper or bubble wrap so items can’t move around.
  4. Tape box with secure packing tape.